8 steps to launch an idea

8 steps to launch an idea
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In the start-up world, your team are always excited about that idea that strike you suddenly in the middle of the night. But how do you know that idea did not strike somebody else? How do you know it is unqiue?

In the book The First Mile, innovation guru Scott D. Anthony, a managing partner at Clayton Christensen’s vaunted Innosight consultancy, outlines eight crucial steps you can take in less than a day’s work to make sure that your idea is ready to launch

1. Conduct desk research.

2. Run a thought experiment.

3. Build a back-of-the-envelope 4P model.

4. Make a phone call.

5. Walk through a transaction.

6. Build a MacGyver prototype.

7. Talk to customers.

8. Build a reverse income statement.

Check out the full story and launch your idea today: http://www.inc.com/ilan-mochari/8-steps-launch-idea.html?cid=readmore

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