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EntrepreneurHK (EHK) is a private non-profit organization that works with startup leaders and the HK government with a view to build and improve Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem. The organization was founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Billy Yuen.

In 2014, EHK has expanded its operations into media, and become Hong Kong’s leading startup news platform that provides reports, trends, interviews and investment deal flows that impact the local startup ecosystem. Tech in Asia and e27, Asia’s two largest startup news organizations, and TIME and FORTUNE are EHK’s official partners, syndicating local startup news to all startup communities across the region.

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7 startups. 4 failed. 3 acquired.Bill is a Hong Kong serial entrepreneur. He founded his first venture at age 18 (entertainment), second at age 22 (wearable technology), fourth at age 26 (media), and seventh at age 30 (artificial intelligence). At age 29, Mr. Yuen was nominated as an organizing committee member by Hong Kong’s First Lady — Mrs. Betty Tung, the spouse of former Chief Executive of Hong Kong — for her charity projects. At age 31, Bill founded EntrepreneurHK — a private non-profit that aims to create a new kind of environment for entrepreneurs to succeed.

At age 32, Bill is shortlisted for the Talent Unleashed Inspirational Leadership Award 2014 – APAC’s largest technology awards program – for his effort of driving innovation using leadership. Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak headed the judging panel.

Bill has spent 20 years in Toronto Canada, educated at University of Toronto. He founded seven startups in: Silicon Valley, Toronto, New York, Japan, and Hong Kong. Bill is a business owner, a private non-profit founder, a music composer, documentary producer, and an explorer.

E: billy.yuen@entrepreneurhk.org

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Originally from New Jersey, Hannah received a degree in American Studies from Smith College. After graduating, she made the move to Beijing, where she worked as a reporter at a State-owned newspaper, freelanced for lifestyle publications and copyedited a lot of Chinglish. She is interested in all topics about China, startups and entrepreneurial thinking.

E: hannah@entrepreneurhk.org

Twitter: @HannahLeung




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Deciding to work for EHK was the most appropriate decision for someone like me. The company not only supports single entrepreneurs and small groups with big ideas but also encourages independent and creative thinking. This is something I feel nowadays gets lost within the metropolis that Hong Kong is. Being an individual who is driven by the ever growing process of development and the rapid advance in technology I believed that EHK would provide me with the opportunity to follow-up close and lend my hand to new entrepreneurs full of ideas and then to spread such information. For it is in the hands of these new startups to shape the future.

Having been born and raised by a Spanish family, attended and international school and gone to a British university I consider myself a well-rounded and globalized person who is capable of adapting to all types of situations. It is this flexibility which allows me to thrive and work for a company such as EHK for it represents my ability to work under all types of unpredictable situations.

E: maria@entrepreneurhk.org



Nathaniel indulges himself in the joy of serendipitous encountering of events and people popping up in his life. He covers stories and produces videos about them to share with everyone interesting stuff that is worth noticing. Identifying himself with EHK’s mission to promulgate entrepreneurship to the mass, as well as seeing advantage in the chance of meeting all sorts of people in interviews arranged by EHK, he now works with Billy to build up Hong Kong’s start-up ecosystem.

When Nathaniel is not working on EHK projects or writing essays for his studies in International Journalism at the School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University, he watches TED and reads on Feedly, which make his Chrome 20-tabbed. Other than football and piano, Nathaniel is emotionally attached to anything British. He also has a penchant for creations by Chopin and Christopher Nolan.

E: nate@entrepreneurhk.org



Albeit young and fresh, John is equipped with knowledge, experience as well as ambition in various aspects of study. He gets vast amount of experience in media and education field, making him a presentable and all-rounded individual. Currently studying in the School of Communication in Hong Kong Baptist University, EHK offers John the workplace to put into perspective the knowledge he acquired and bring out the magic in the stories of the most successful entrepreneurs in town.

Willing to take up different challenges, John believes that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.” He looks forward to grasping every opportunity to learn in EHK in the foreseeable future.



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A fervent believer in interesting storytelling, Selena has been a journalist for more than 5 years. She has an MA in Journalism from the University of Hong Kong, and majored in International Journalism at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Passionate about exploring entrepreneurship idea, she has an acute understanding of the Hong Kong’s Start up community and Asia’s tech industry.

Prior to joining EntrepreneurHK, Selena worked at the China Current Network, one of China’s largest independent bilingual news media, as the managing editor. Her previous experience also includes interning at People’s Daily Overseas Edition.

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