Jay Kim: Why 40 Global Investors Are Excited About HK
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One of the greatest perks of hosting a dedicated podcast on entrepreneurship and investing in Asia is the network that I’ve been able to build up over just a few short months. As a result, I was recently asked to host a virtual summit on investing in Asia which is a very eco-friendly way of holdin... Read more...

Lazy Cookie HK: How They Raised USD$240k
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Left most: Chris Barber (first investor), Left front: Sharon Chung (PR and marketing manager), Left back: Lug Giroud (Founder), Middle: Vivian Meriguet (Founder), Right back: Edern Le Faou (Founder), Right most: Calvin Kwan (Web developer). This interview with Lazy Cookie's Sharon Chung was con... Read more...

Xianyi: How His Startup d.light Raised Over US$20M
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This interview with Xianyi Wu, founders of d.light, was conducted and condensed by EntrepreneurHK. Xianyi is a co-founder of d.light, a for-profit social enterprise that has served over 30 million people who live without reliable electricity. d.light designs and produces solar light and power pro... Read more...

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