Cyberport start-up Phonejoy launches its new product in May 2014

Cyberport start-up Phonejoy launches its new product in May 2014
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Phonejoy Solutions, who won the Grand Award for Best ICT Start-Up (Consumer Market) at this year’s Hong Kong ICT Awards, is going to launch its product at HMV (Hong Kong) in May 2014. As the Grand Award winner, Phonejoy Solutions’ work has been covered extensively by international media.

Recognized for its innovative product – a gaming device that transforms a smartphone into a portable console, the company also has a software platform that allows easy discovery of console styled games for Android and iOS.

Aside from offering its gaming device in HMV and other retail electronic store in Hong Kong, the company has also launched the product on major online retail stores in the U.S. such as and

“The new Start-Up Award category is a big step up in the recognition of the value startup companies that can deliver to the Hong Kong community.  I believe, Phonejoy is setting a great example of how a small company can exploit all the core advantages of Hong Kong from the ease of doing business, close proximity to the Shenzhen manufacturing hub, to the worldwide logistics network that Hong Kong is connected to,” said Martin Kessler, founder of Phonejoy.

“We are immensely grateful for these awards and particularly thankful to Cyberport for its assistance over the years. In supporting us in doing business in Hong Kong, we have been able to smoothly negotiate around the city’s rules and regulations, focus on developing our core product and spend time on really understanding what the consumer wants,” he added.

“We are proud of Phonejoy Solutions’ recent achievements.  They have proved themselves to be innovative and responsive in an ever changing and dynamic industry.  We look forward to further supporting them in the future,” said Mark Clift, COO of Cyberport.

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