Karen Farzam “Listen Carefully to Everyone But Make Up Your Own Mind.”

Karen Farzam “Listen Carefully to Everyone But Make Up Your Own Mind.”
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Karen Farzam, Co-founder, W Hub

“Listen carefully to everyone but make up your own mind.”

Hailing from France, Karen Farzam, software engineer and former JP Morgan equity trader, moved to Hong Kong in 2010 and set her sights on the digital world. Karen was also a General Assembly alumni.

Co-Founder of W Hub, a profile-driven platform that showcases the team behind the startup, W Hub lets startups share their company mission, products and current job openings. While startups can’t always offer the most attractive of compensation packages, they can provide perks such as flexibility, great work hours and the opportunity to make a positive impact on society.

Tell us about your startup​!

W Hub is a profile driven platform showcasing entrepreneurs to help them bring their business to the next level and attract skillful talent. W Hub not only showcases their products and services but also the start-up founders, team, mission and vision.

Where did the idea/inspiration for W Hub come from?

Everything began around a cup of coffee on a Monday morning. Sitting with my friend Karena Belin, who would became my co-founder, we wondered why so many talented people could not find a job they really care about ​. At the time, I was looking at several opportunities to start my own business, and I realized that many ideas were unexplored just because you can’t find the right partner.

I was digging deeper in the startup ecosystem and discovered passionate entrepreneurs and exciting startups. One of their biggest challenges is to recruit the right team to help them unleash their potential. We had a match!

Startups have a lot to offer but they are different than corporates. Startups can offer flexibility in terms of time, location and responsibilities, as well as a chance to make an impact on society. We believe that if startups can showcase more than just their products or services, but also the founders/team, their mission and values, they could attract more talent that share that same vision and therefore will fit the company culture.

W Hub showcases passionate startups to help them bring their business to the next level by hiring the right talent/co-founder, but also meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

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What was the first step you took to get W Hub started?

We were about to hire a web developer for W Hub. As an engineer, I studied computer science and thought I could therefore learn to code and build the website myself. We did not hire the web developer and I took GA’s Web Development Immersive (WDI) instead. I started building W Hub during WDI.

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself since starting your own business?

When you are passionate about what you do, you are relentlessly resourceful. For example, I thought I need ​ed​ to hire ​a web developer, but I end​ed​ up t ​aking a course, and, within 12 weeks, I ​was able to build a fully functional website ​ on my own!

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Listen carefully to everyone but make up your own mind.

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