Uber Finally Launches in Hong Kong

Uber Finally Launches in Hong Kong
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Priding them-selves on being ‘everyone’s private car’ Uber has finally launched in Hong Kong.  They have evolved and adapted the concept of a chauffeur, which before only celebrities, hotel guests and high profile clients would have used. With downloading a simple app you can now too enjoy the comforts of having your own chauffer, even if it’s only for one ride.

Whilst taxi drivers might see Uber as a threat, they are merely filling in a gap in the market. For it being such a densely populated area, Hong Kong only has 18,138 operating licensed taxis. Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick comments how “We have all got used to one option when it comes to transport, even in a stylish city like Hong Kong. For us it is about [offering] choice,”.

Despite is formal launch to the public having been this past week, Uber has already been operating in Hong Kong on a trial for four weeks, having celebrities such as Amanda Strang and actor Carl Ng enjoying their services.

With the help of technology, mobile apps and shaping and developing the way we function and move in our world, Uber is just one recent example of this. One of Uber’s most fascinating characteristics is how the drivers themselves do the vast majority of PR and advertising, if not world of mouth via social media has also hugely accounted in the spread of Uber’s popularity.

Being already established in 121 countries, out of which 25 are Asian cities, Uber is still planning on expanding throughout the continent.


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