40 Startup Teams Move onto Mentoring Stage of Google EYE and CUHK Program

40 Startup Teams Move onto Mentoring Stage of Google EYE and CUHK Program
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This past weekend 40 teams were moved onto the mentorship states of the Google EYE program. This moves them all closer to visiting tech giant’s Mountain View HQ. Check the 40 finalists here.

Originally 900 teams participated in the program, such teams were put together by 150 business plans and went through multidisciplinary training to build the foundations for entrepreneurship and tech know-how. This enabled them to have a deeper understanding of how to build a startup thus increasing their performance.


Throughout the following step veteran mentors will help the successful 40 teams in building their business plans by advising them. Once this is over, the teams will pitch to a panel of judges who will decide which groups will continue on. Finalists of this stage will have the opportunity to head to the Bay Area where they will be able to connect with local entrepreneurs and investors.

Professor Kevin Au, director of CUHK’s Center for Entrepreneurship  and one of the organisers of Google EYE, states that the main focus of the Google EYE program’s is on attacking the weaknesses in Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial culture. This will not only aid the teams in succeeding but it will also strengthen the overall environment of entrepreneurship by the sharing of knowledge and tips.

Mr Au believes that there is a missing multidisciplinary focused thinking because the education system and the general startup thinking in Hong Kong is that people are quite tradition in their interests and training. He mentions how “In university, students usually focus on their studies and don’t make friends outside of their faculty, so their network is also very uniform. But when you set up a company, you will need multidisciplinary teams.” He highlights how a successful startup team comes from different people with diverse expertise andforma mentis. It is essential for these people to learn how to cooperate and work together.

Apart from trying to break through the traditional startup thinking and behavior, Mr Au has also mentioned how the EYE program is also focusing on developing the mentorship process thus strengthening the relationship between mentors and mentees. Therefore the program will create a mutualistic relationship between both mentors and mentees.

The matching session to pair up both mentors and mentees will take place on June 21st, followed by the mentorship stage of the program which will run from July to August. Hong Kongs startup community is invited to the final pitch day, where the winner will be announced.


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