A No Frills Kickstarter Campaign to Teach iOS Coding

A No Frills Kickstarter Campaign to Teach iOS Coding
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Learning iOS programming just got easier with a Kickstarter-backed course by UK-based developer Rob Percival.

With mobile apps being some of the most successful businesses these days, its no surprise that people everywhere want to learn to code so they can turn their ideas into products that hopefully will make it to everybody’s smart phones.

This desire to learn to code has made a pretty surprising success out of a Kickstarter campaign for an online course to teach anyone to code for iOS8. The Developer Course, designed by U.K.-web and app developer and former math teacher Rob Percival, is looking to raise £2,000 by July 31, but with a week to go the campaign has already generated £17,230.

The campaign page doesn’t look like one of a successful funding. With no frills, no pictures, and a homemade video that just has Percival explaining his project with a computer, the Developer Course campaign page looks nothing like the Kickstarter campaigns we are used to that have models, tons of pictures and fancy videos to entice people to back a project. Instead, this campaign just says it straight as to what it is, and people have responded.

How to create Instagram and Snapchat
The online course will teach anyone how to code and build real apps that already exist like Instagram and Snapchat through Swift and XCode.

Percival previously created a web design course, which is now featured on Udemy, where in three weeks almost 3,000 people signed up. In the course, users go through chapters and at the end of each one the user is given a task to create a website or app with the skills taught in the chapter. The new course Percival is creating will be based on the same idea.

The first chapter will cover downloading XCode and creating a basic app. The following chapters will each teach different aspects of apps, one will teach how to make a timer and one will teach about using audio. The last chapter will teach users how to create a clone of Instagram and Snapchat.

The course will cost $199, but backers of the campaign will get access to the course for £15. Because he reached his £16,000 stretch goal, all backers of £15 or more will get 95% off of Percival’s Web Developer app as well. If the campaign reaches £18,000, which it likely will at this pace, backers will get the web course for free.

So why didn’t Percival just create his new course and put it online like his web course? He said he launched his web course with no advance following or marketing plan. It did well, but Percival said he wants to get more people involved with this course and is looking for developers and others to make the course even better. Hiring developers requires funding.

Percival intends to get the course to backers by September, but if things don’t go well, he promised to refund the money of anyone who backed at least $25.

Often on crowdfunding campaigns we see graphics and movies that can distract potential backers from really understanding the product or its feasibility. Its nice to see one that doesn’t overpromise and still gets a lot of support.

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