AngelHack’s Jessica Tells EHK Why Developers Love Hackathons

AngelHack’s Jessica Tells EHK Why Developers Love Hackathons
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This interview with AngelHack’s VP Strategic Partnerships, Ms Jessica Smith was conducted and condensed by Maria Antonia of EntrepreneurHK (EHK). 

Tell us some of the craziest things you’ve seen in Angelhack’s hackathons.

Jessica: One of the craziest hacks I have ever seen was hands down the drone flying puppy delivery… and sumo wrestling, that was pretty cool.

Why do you think developers love hackathons?

Jessica: There’s always TONS of free food! Developers LOVE their hackathon snacks. It’s also a good atmosphere to express your creativity, network with other hackers and learn about new technology.

What do I have to prepare before entering “Master of Code” hackathon?

Jessica: Masters of Code is looking for developers with true creativity and passion and more specifically, trying to recognize developers on a global scale. When coming to a Master of Code hackathon developers only need to bring their skills and expertise.. and maybe their appetites!

Join Masters of Code for Free

Join in the party and we’ll be giving out a GoPro to the 100th signup and Beats headphones at the 150th! Winners from each region will be flown out for the final hackathon to compete for the eternal fame and glory of being the very first Masters of Code and for the grand prize of $100,000USD!

For the very first time, Masters of Code is coming to Hong Kong on 21st and 22nd March! Check out the event page here @ and use the discount code “AngelHACK” to get FREE tickets!


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