Apply for StartmeupHK Venture Programme 2014. Prizes worth over US$500,000.

Apply for StartmeupHK Venture Programme 2014. Prizes worth over US$500,000.
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Entries for the 2014 StartmeupHK Venture Programme should be submitted on or before 31 July 2014 (12:00 noon Hong Kong time). Submissions received after this time will NOT be considered. Please do not wait until the last minute to upload your entry as there may be delays in transmission.

You may continue to work on a saved application by logging in with the username and password you created for registration. Only online and completed application forms will be considered. If you are unable to answer some of the questions, please briefly explain why. Not fully answering all questions will put your entry at a disadvantage but the assessors will take your explanation into consideration.

Startmeup Venture Programme

Reminder to applicants: Please remember to save your information periodically to avoid losing data.

Entrants should submit, in English, the online application form and a two-minute video in order to enter the 2014 StartmeupHK Venture Programme. The application form comprises six sections with 26 questions (25 questions for concept and prototype stage applicants) after you’ve entered your basic information. The questions will ask for the following:

- Elevator pitch of the business, purpose of the business, problem/opportunity that is being addressed, product, its value proposition and innovation
- Team, including board members and advisors
- Competitors and competitive advantage, stakeholders
- Business model, sources of funding, financial information, milestones to date and three-year development path, assets and liabilities
- Impact and potential impact: economic, social and/or environmental assessment in quantitative and qualitative terms
- Links with and/or development plans in Hong Kong

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