Britcham Business Angel Programme 10 Yrs Anniversary

Britcham Business Angel Programme 10 Yrs Anniversary
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British Chamber of Commerce Business Angel Programme Celebrates 10 Years in Hong Kong

Business Angel: Start-up Funding & the Importance of Finding the Right Partner

 More and more technology start-ups are being launched in Hong Kong than ever before, but is Hong Kong a sustainable location for entrepreneurial growth?

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong invites leaders of Hong Kong’s start-up community to share their insights during 10-year anniversary event of the Chamber’s Business Angel Programme, to be held on 5 September at Eaton House, Central.

Though recognised as a business-friendly city for both locals and foreign investment, start-ups can face difficulties finding funding and mentoring, preventing many businesses from growth. This has led many entrepreneurs to connect with potential investors through accelerator or incubator programmes, a popular option among Hong Kong’s tech start-ups. Despite challenges, over 2,000 new start-up registrations were recorded by Government department InvestHK within a one year timeframe, representing a 24% growth in 2016. As the number of Hong Kong technology start-ups grows, an increasing number of entrepreneurial firms are partnering with investors and seeking out mentoring programmes.

One such programme is the British Chamber of Commerce’s Business Angel Programme. Launched in 2007 and sponsored by accounting and business advisory firm Baker Tilly, the initiative is the first of its kind launched by any of Hong Kong’s chambers of commerce. The Chamber’s Business Angel Programme provides an avenue for entrepreneurs to receive feedback and suggestions on their business plans from a dedicated committee. During each round, five finalist start-ups are selected to present their ideas to angel investors at the programme’s pitch event, which is an opportunity for both entrepreneurs and investors to link up and develop ideas further. The programme has built up a large base of entrepreneurs since its initiation, allowing more partnerships between start-ups and investors.

Andrew Ross, Managing Director of Baker Tilly Hong Kong comments, The Business Angel Programme remains one of the most popular channels through which to showcase a new idea and allow entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring their ideas to potential angel investors. Every business plan is a reminder that Hong Kong is a vibrant marketplace, and the Business Angel Programme will continue to facilitate entry to this market place.”

Now in its 10th year, the Chamber has organised an anniversary event for the Business Angel Programme on 5 September at Eaton House, showcasing a refresh of the programme’s website and brand image. The event includes a panel discussion with representatives from Hong Kong’s start-up community, including both entrepreneurs and angel investors. Sharing their experiences, the panel will discuss challenges and opportunities for start-ups in Hong Kong and China. Panel members will also share their perspectives on the role of angel investors in both local and global start-up environments. Panelists include:

- Elliot Leung, Founder of Gaifong

- Jonathan Berney, Co-founder of Chayora

- Neil Orvay, Chair of the British Chamber’s Business Angel Programme

- Tak Lo, Partner of

- Napoleon Biggs, Founder of Web Wednesday Ventures Limited

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