Cyberport: Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum 2016

Cyberport: Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum 2016
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Cyberport hosts Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum (DELF) 2016 revealing insights into the future of Smart Mobility. Bringing forefront global tech insights of a smarter Hong Kong.

To draw global insights on Smart Mobility, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (Cyberport), has joined hands with Hong Kong Productivity Council and Hong Kong Automobile Association to organise the “Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum (DELF) 2016: The Future of Smart Mobility”, where Hong Kong and global influencers in the Smart Mobility field shared their perspectives on the potential and development of Smart Mobility in Hong Kong, as well as how entrepreneurs can prepare themselves to create new business opportunities.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of DELF.  DELF has been one of the key annual signature events for Hong Kong’s digital tech community and has created a platform for the world’s most forward-thinking, credible and successful digital business leaders to share valuable insights and experience on various industry hot topics.

Under this year’s theme, “The Future of Smart Mobility”, global influencers, who are the driving force of the future of Smart Mobility, joined together for a series of riveting discussions on how digital technology can enable Smart Mobility, as well as different ways that entrepreneurship can drive Smart Mobility forward.  Other key topics included cutting edge technologies for Electric Vehicle (EV) racing, Smart Mobility experience in the United States, the importance of entrepreneurship in driving Smart Mobility and many more.

“As one of the most tech-savvy metropolitan cities in the world, Hong Kong has been at the forefront of Smart Mobility advocacy,” said Herman Lam, CEO of Cyberport.  “The city has a strong digital technology talent pool that can yield innovative ideas to foster Smart Mobility.  By implementing Smart Mobility, not only can we accelerate the transportation of resources and information but also facilitate the advancement of a smart society, fortifying the growth of a smarter digital technology ecosystem.  We believe the opportunities to enhance urban efficiency for businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators are endless.  Together, we can leverage our competitive advantage to accelerate the development of a smarter Hong Kong.”

With the innovative ideas and mind-provoking thoughts shared at DELF 2016, Cyberport hoped to encourage industry peers to share their forefront insights on how to adopt Smart Mobility technology in daily life and inspire more people-oriented innovation and start-up projects that can bring their business to the next level, which eventually, could benefit the wider community through knowledge sharing and inspiration.  Meanwhile, the event also bridged as a valuable opportunity and stronger platform for investors and industry players to expand their network, optimise business operations and empower businesses on global ambition.

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