Cyberport Invites Entrepreneurs to Learn Mobile Payments and More

Cyberport Invites Entrepreneurs to Learn Mobile Payments and More
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Mobile payments, virtual currencies and similar technologies are increasingly used for regular shopping. How can citizens of Hong Kong benefit from innovations in “Smart Money”?

Cyberport and Invotech will co-host an IdeaJam, “Smart Money, Smart Citizens”. Our speakers will share their industry knowledge and insights on the latest trends of smart city development and electronic payment system. After being inspired by the guest speakers, 100 lucky people from diverse backgrounds will be treated to a unique experience combining improvisational theater exercises and a guided brainstorming session facilitated by Prof. Po Chi Wu of HKUST. Lunch and prizes for exceptionally creative thinking will be provided – the event is free to all participants. Free Admission, registration and details:

What you can get from IdeaJam?
This event will provide you with a perfectly unique experience of entrepreneurship/mentorship:
a) TED-type inspirational talks – networking with prominent speakers
b) Awareness of “value” in the smart city ecosystem – opportunities, resistances, resources
c) Opportunity to innovate by “jamming” with potential partners
d) Great way to make friends with others who have aligned values

IdeaJam, "Smart Money, Smart Citizens"

Ideajam cyberport

Free Admission, registration and details:

IdeaJam, "Smart Money, Smart Citizens"

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