EzeeCube Raised US$100k from Nest

EzeeCube Raised US$100k from Nest
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EzeeCube brings on Nest as an investor

EzeeCube, one of the most successfully crowd funded campaigns in Asia has signed an agreement with Nest Investments (www.nest.vc) in Hong Kong to be included in their portfolio of the most promising startups in Asia, with Nest committing to invest USD$100,000 to help EzeeCube scale up marketing and sales activities.

With the explosion of photos and multiple devices within a family and a lack of options for storing them securely, EzeeCube was born to safely organize and store photos and media in a home cloud. With the ridiculously ingenious stack-to-extend technology, home users can add extra storage, Blu-Ray player and TV tuner as well future planned EzeeCube stackable products to make the home more connected, smarter and more entertained.

Indiegogo campaign launch for EzeeCube by a Hong Kong Startup

After getting prototypes ready and users feedback, EzeeCube started what turned out to be one of the most successfully crowd-funded campaigns of Asia in June 2014 and rapidly raised over USD160,000 with over 1000 units sold. These first customers will get their hands on EzeeCube just before Christmas 2014 and global retail launch is set at Consumer Electronics Show (www.cesweb.com) on Jan 6th 2015 in Las Vegas.

This new investment comes at a time when EzeeCube is launching a massive marketing campaign which includes CES participation in January 2015, a revamped website and new exciting product developments that will bring the EzeeCube users into the future of entertainment, safe storage solutions and communication.

“With living rooms around the world flooded with devices and cameras packed with memories, we designed EzeeCube to be ‘the last media device a home user will ever need’*. With our stack-to-extend technology we will be able to deliver the latest home friendly technology to our users in a design and functional way that would have ‘made Steve Jobs proud’*. We are very happy to team up with Nest and their high profile management team and take part in their wealth of marketing prowess, capital and strategic thinking to bring EzeeCube to every corner of the globe.” says founder and CEO Ashok Jaiswal.

Simon Squibb, CEO at Nest said “EzeeCube have the hardware and software figured out and the management team have the know how on what’s needed next to make this promising startup scale. We feel this investment is a guaranteed ROI for us and it’s really just a matter of how big this company is going to be, not if it will be successful or not”.

* comments regarding EzeeCube received during crowd-funding campaign

About EzeeCube

EzeeCube is the next generation media box for home users. By using patent pending technology, EzeeCube allows users with different devices to safely store and organize photos in its home cloud. Other EzeeCube specific devices (such as a Blu-ray player and extra hard drive space) are stackable onto the main EzeeCube unit through wire- free technology and users can add additional elements to extend EzeeCube into an enhanced Digital Media Player. EzeeCube is committed to being the leading developer and manufacturer of digital life style products that simplifies users life.

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About Nest

Nest is an early stage startup investment firm based in Hong Kong. As well as investing capital in startups, Nest also helps startup founders with follow-on funding and gives strategic support, hands on help and leverages it’s internal know-how on all things linked to branding and marketing and growth strategic planning. Nest was established in 2010 and is Hong Kong first investment incubator with a focus on scalable consumer orientated startups with top flight management. www.nest.vc 

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