Google EYE Alumni Network Launched

Google EYE Alumni Network Launched
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To better connect entrepreneurs and grow a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hong Kong , the EYE Alumni Network is set up and launched. Over 100 EYE Program alumni and current teams, mentors, judges and partners attended launch event on August 15, 2016.

The EYE Program aims to empower young entrepreneurs in the city, and has become a platform for passionate individuals with creative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to get connected. “To continue the growth of our entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hong Kong, we need a strong network of passionate entrepreneurs and individuals who support them. We are excited to launch the  EYE Alumni Network for program participants and everyone who supports young entrepreneurs, including our mentors, judges and partners. We will arrange various networking events and business matching; and connect the network members with resources and connections, from local and overseas. Let’s explore new business opportunities and showcase the city’s creativity!” SL Ho, Program Director of EYE Program.

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Speaking at the EYE Alumni Network launch event, Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong Group, encouraged young entrepreneurs to be courageous, creative and have a global vision. “Put idea into action is the most important thing to entrepreneur.”


Since 2014,  the EYE Program has empowered over 1,500 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be in Hong Kong, by providing them training and workshops, as well as dedicated mentorship. The program also brought the entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley and Taiwan to exchange ideas and keep them connected with various startup ecosystems.

This year, the EYE Program aims at driving collaborative innovation across industries, by connecting innovation leaders including Asia MIles, HKT, and New World Development Company Limited, and young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. Highlights of this year include dedicated mentorship supported by senior executives and seasoned entrepreneurs, 8-module intensive Innovation Boost workshops, Insight Night by industry leaders, Shadowing with Corporate Partners, Trip to Singapore, as well as Gala Event.  On August 20, Top 15 teams will pitch at the EYE Program Battle Day, and the Top 6 teams will continue to develop their creative business solutions with the 3 innovative leaders and participate in the trip to Singapore in September.

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