Hacking Health, a Healthcare Tech Hackathon, Coming to HK

Hacking Health, a Healthcare Tech Hackathon, Coming to HK
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Open Data Hong Kong is partnering up to bring Hacking Health to Hong Kong! Hacking Health is a hackathon series designed to improve healthcare by inviting technology creators and healthcare professionals to collaborate on realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line problems.


This weekend long event will follow the familiar Make format where any of the participants are free to pitch their ideas on Friday night, and when there’s enough support from the audience, teams will form around the idea and hack on a prototype over the weekend. For a full run-down of the event, please see http://hh.opendatahk.com/


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided! The winning teams will be awarded a chance to pitch their idea to investors from AXA in Hong Kong.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Signing Up

>> Step 1 <<
Register through Eventbrite and get the ticket (HK$ 80) which best fits your skillset. http://hhhk.eventbrite.com/

>> Step 2 <<
Sign up for SparkBoard, our online people and projects tracker. Make sure you add your skills to your profile so interested teams can contact you for support if you haven’t joined a team already. http://hh-hongkong.sparkboard.com/

>> Step 3 (Optional) <<
So you know exactly what’s wrong with medical care today, and you’ve got an idea how to solve it? Get some traction before the event, and post your idea to the Sparkboard. You can elicit feedback, attract team members and inspire others to join as well. http://hh-hongkong.sparkboard.com/

For any questions, just post here, or email us at hongkong@hackinghealth.ca.


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