HK-Based Education Company Gowell Raised US$1M

HK-Based Education Company Gowell Raised US$1M
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Gowell raised US$1 million from Fresco Capital and Nest Investments to fund international education in China.

Gowell, a Hong Kong-based education company, has raised US$1 million in seed round funding to further develop its overseas studies preparation business in Mainland China. This round was led by Fresco Capital with institutional participation by Nest Investments.

Gowell is focused on becoming a market leader in overseas education preparation. It is taking the lead in delivering international curriculum and university preparation programs from prominent educational organizations such as the U.S.’s ACT, through the largest learning center network in China consisting of over 1,200 centers.

Gowell’s programs not only prepare students from non-English speaking countries for overseas education but also provide preferential pathways for these students into over 160 universities around the world, largely in the U.S., Australia, UK and Canada. Its English-medium programs are delivered in traditional classrooms by in-person, qualified educators, but supplemented by Gowell’s online bilingual course delivery system and video classrooms.

One of Gowell’s key programs is the ACT’s GAC university preparation program, whose graduates have a 100% acceptance rate into overseas universities and are documented to achieve higher than average GPAs once they are overseas.

The company has launched its initial center in Shenyang, China and plans to expand into other locations in mid-2015.

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“We are still only looking at the tip of the iceberg with Chinese students going overseas. Students from secondary and other smaller cities in China have the ability and interest to study abroad, but not necessarily the support or channel to help fulfill this desire. We are focused on bridging this gap and meeting this demand,” says Linda Wu, CEO of Gowell.

“There is a massive trend of Chinese students going overseas for university, but these students need adequate preparation in order to succeed. With strong local partnerships in both China and abroad, a high quality curriculum, and a clear methodology for measuring outcomes, we are confident in Gowell’s ability to meet the growing demand for the preparation required to succeed,” says Allison Baum, Managing Director of Fresco Capital.

“We equip our students with not only the necessary language abilities but also the learning skillsets to manage in a western education environment, where collaboration, participation and critical analysis are emphasized. The goal of our programs is to properly prepare Chinese students to not only adapt but thrive in their overseas education and in turn broaden their knowledge and perspectives,” says Wu.

About Gowell Software

Gowell is a Hong Kong-based education company focused on international education, overseas studies advisory services, corporate training and online learning. Gowell was first established based on the strengths of its award-winning online language learning platforms, GoChinese and GoEnglish, with customers throughout China and Greater Asia, the U.S. and UK. Since then, it has expanded into international education and corporate training. The company is now delivering the world’s most widely recognized university preparation program in China through the largest learning center network in the country, consisting of over 1,200 centers. Gowell places a strong emphasis on maintaining high quality education with state-of-the-art approaches and learning technologies that meet the needs of today’s learners.

About Fresco Capital

Fresco Capital is a global early stage venture fund supporting exceptional entrepreneurs to build remarkable businesses. With a team spanning Silicon Valley and Asia, Fresco invests in companies across sectors and geographies with an emphasis on people, diversity, and impact.

About NEST

Nest Investments is Hong Kong’s pre-eminent start up incubator that helps to build and scale high- growth businesses in Hong Kong and Asia. Nest invests in the people as much as the business concepts and empowers each team with the tools they require to achieve global success with their business. With an eye for the truly unique and disruptive, Nest is actively involved in all of its companies and drives them to reach their full potential, fostering the start-up ecosystem locally and developing Hong Kong China as a global entrepreneurial hub.

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