HK-Based HotelQuickly Will Expand into Myanmar and Laos

HK-Based HotelQuickly Will Expand into Myanmar and Laos
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For the fast-expanding startup, no territory is off limits. HotelQuickly, the Hong Kong-based company that helps travelers book last-minute lodging accommodation, announced yesterday it will expand into Myanmar and Laos.

“A couple years back, Myanmar was uncharted territory,” says CEO & co-founder Tomas Laboutka in a statement. “Now the country is booming with new hotels opening up constantly. We wanted to make sure we could serve our customers traveling in the region by offering the best rates in the region.”

Launched in late 2012 as the Asian analog to HotelTonight, HotelQuickly has expanded rapidly across the continent, where it’s currently available in 14 markets: Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and now Myanmar and Laos.

While HotelQuickly positions itself as an app suited for all types of travelers, in our experience, it mostly lists rooms from high-end and upper-tier hotels. The lack of price-competitive options might limit the size of its customer base. But there are certainly plenty of business-class travelers roaming about Asia, with lots of cash to spend and not enough time to browse

HotelQuickly remains a company to watch because it’s acquisition bait. As the eastern analog of HotelTonight, that Silicon Valley-based startup might purchase HotelQuickly if it has ambitions to move beyond North America and Europe. Meanwhile, HotelQuickly’s executive team consists of Rocket Internet alumni, and its focus on speed and execution mimics the style of the German startup giant. If it doesn’t get picked up by Rocket, another likely candidate would be Gree. The Japanese gaming firm led a US$4.5 million funding round for HotelQuickly last July. Since Gree launched its own hotel booking app around the same time, and invested in HotelQuickly as Gree Inc and not through Gree Ventures (its venture capital branch), it’s possible Gree will swoop up HotelQuickly if its revenues justify its rapid expansion.

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