HK-Based SoInSoGood x Agorize Launch Social/Green Tech Innovation Challenge

HK-Based SoInSoGood x Agorize Launch Social/Green Tech Innovation Challenge
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SoInSoGood x Agorize: Launch of the Very First Social/Green-Tech Innovation Challenge in Asia.

The TechForGood Challenge has successfully launched through joined forces of SoInSoGood and Agorize Asia, both leading players in the Hong Kong startup ecosystem. This is one of the very first online startup competitions in Asia, that aims at helping young startups to validate their ideas and scale their business as green-tech and social-tech engines.

The event has attracted startups and innovators from all over Asia to demonstrate their green and social-tech initiatives. SoInSoGood stays true to their mission to welcome any idea and provide growth opportunities for emerging talent. As a result, fresh ideas and new projects targeted at solving social problems and global issues have been identified successfully.

The TechForGood Challenge – A search for prospective engines driving social innovation

“We wanted to find the best way to encourage green and social-tech startups to gather and work together to create a better impact in Hong Kong.”, said Anaïs Altun, accelerator officer of SoInSoGood, a promising social-tech incubator. “We didn’t really have a sophisticated platform in the past to uncover good projects”, SoInSoGood used to apply a traditional tool for the sign-up process of an event or competition. This time, they took a leap by implementing the Agorize platform, attracted by its platform proficiency and event-organizing experience.

With a more informative and appealing platform powered by Agorize, the challenge was opened to startups of different development stages, providing them with necessary guidance and a jumpstart off the ground. Through the TechForGood challenge, innovators could engage themselves in an incubation program and be exposed to the startup ecosystem and the networks of SoInSoGood, having the invaluable opportunity to interact with professionals from top of their fields and getting trained up on essential skills for their respective projects. In addition to the outstanding performance in terms of participation, this challenge has helped to strengthen SoInSoGood’s image as a major player in sustainable mobility with startups of different backgrounds.

7 winning teams were selected out of 40 talented teams. The entire SoInSoGood team is now ready to work on the frontline with the winning teams, aligned with the same vision that social-tech and green-tech will bring about positive impacts for the greater good of the world. SoInSoGood will focus on accelerating these entrepreneurs, connecting them to their international and local network of experts and VCs.

About SoInSoGood – An Incubator Fostering Social Innovation in Hong Kong 

SoInSoGood is a global and local initiative aiming to achieve social impact through a diversity of streams, such as social and green startup incubation or trainings and workshops on social and sustainable practices.

Why Agorize? – A Leading Platform of Open Innovation Challenges 

To launch the TechForGood challenge, SoInSoGood collaborated with Agorize, a leading open innovation platform from France. Since its launch in Europe, Agorize has worked with big name brands (Google, Uber, PayPal, etc.) on a variety of online innovation challenges and events, engaging with a community of 5 million innovators. Their newly established office in Hong Kong “Agorize Asia” has already landed a considerable number of key clients.

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