HKSTP Startups Brought Home Distinguished Awards

HKSTP Startups Brought Home Distinguished Awards
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HKSTP Nurtures Technopreneurs Enterprises and Start-ups in Science Park Brought Home Distinguished Awards.

Get connected with global investors and partners for business opportunities.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) is pleased to announce the recent success of nearly 20 incubatees and technology companies in winning distinguished awards, such as the Aliyun+ Cloud Computing Competition, The Economist: Tiger’s Lair – Entrepreneurship Challenge, Red Herring Top 100 Asia List, as well as The Asian Association of Business Incubation (AABI) Award. All of these are renowned industry awards that attract attention from around the world every year.

With the comprehensive support offered by HKSTP, home-grown technology enterprises and start-ups in Science Park succeed in making their presence in these international contests, demonstrating their strong R&D competency. To celebrate the joy, HKSTP organised today the “Meet the Award-winning Tech Start-ups” session, inviting these successful technopreneurs to share their winning strategies and experience.

As one of the key driving forces of innovation and technology development in Hong Kong, HKSTP is committed to nurturing talents for the industry. Among the many supporting services, its Incubation Programmes offer a wide range of value-added services to start-ups. For instance, business consultation, marketing and promotion support, presentation skills training, technical support and so on. HKSTP reckons the significance for technology companies to participate in local and international contests to gain exposure and build their network. As such, the Corporation is devoted in identifying the appropriate opportunities and offering all kinds of assistance to help companies equip themselves for the challenges.

Peter Mok, Head of Incubation Programmes of HKSTP, commented, “As the proverb says, ‘It is better to travel far than to read voluminously’, it is the same for running a technology enterprise. This is especially true for start-ups as participating in different contests help them accumulate experience, exchange ideas with like-minded ones and most importantly, get connected with potential partners and investors for future business growth.”

“2015 is a fruitful year for our incubatees. I am thrilled to see their achievements, which speak for the outstanding performance of our local innovation heroes. Indeed, these companies had gone through keen competitions. Taking Aliyun+ Cloud Computing Competition as an example, LinkedTech Solutions had to compete against strong start-ups from the Mainland. With their innovative and solid technology in cloud-computing, they were able to beat their competitors in the contest and return home with impressive win!”, Mok continued.

Among the award-winning companies, most of them are engaged in research and development of Smart City, Healthy Ageing and Robotics, the three technology platforms that HKSTP is committed in building for Hong Kong, considering the positive impacts they bring about to our city. Below highlights of some of the achievements of these local technology entrepreneurs:

Smart City
1. LinkedTech Solutions — Reaping the benefits of Internet+

LinkedTech Solutions obtained the 2nd runner-up in the National Final of “Aliyun+ Cloud Computing Competition”. Its winning solution, iCan, is a cloud-based platform combining interactive sales demonstration, CRM and big data analysis. Tailor-made for car dealers, the platform aims to increase sales and enhance customer experience. In addition, the powerful CRM database enables car dealers to offer a complete set of after-sales services such as insurance and leasing.

“We are grateful for the nomination from HKSTP. Had we not participated in the award, we would not have acquired such valuable business insights on the Mainland market and grasped the opportunities to open up business opportunities brought by Internet+”, said Dr. Stephen Chan, CEO of LinkedTech Solutions. “iCan is currently used by more than 150 car dealers in HK and the Mainland, including big car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi and Bentley.”

2. Bindo – Attracting HK$30 million investment fund with cloud-based platform

Bindo, winner of The Economist’s “The Tiger’s Lair: Entrepreneurship Challenge”, was first founded in New York. The company joined HKSTP’s Incubation Programme in 2012 and established an integrated trading platform. Their cloud-based iPad Point of Sale (POS) system not only enables 24/7 real-time online operation for business like wholesale and catering services, but also provides the mobility and flexibility needed to enhance customer shopping experience. Bindo hopes to close the loop between online and offline, offering a timeless and borderless experience for consumers as well as massive opportunities for retailers and catering business.

“Currently, more than 3,000 companies are using our POS system. We believe Hong Kong is the best place for us to expand into APAC and China markets, and we are glad we started off our Hong Kong operation at Science Park”.

“We were encouraged by HKSTP to participate in different contests and competitions which helped us enhance our confidence when pitching to different audiences. I reckon this is one of the reasons why we were able to successfully raise nearly HK$30 million”, said Jason Ngan, Co-founder of Bindo. “HKSTP’s Incubation Programme as well as training sessions on business planning and soft skills are particularly useful. Their incubation managers are by far my best mentors ever!”

3. DeLight Power — Changing the future of lighting with disruptive technology

DeLight Power Products is the Champion of 2015 APEC Global Challenge in the Smart Home Category. The company’s disruptive technology, Electrolytic Capacitor-less Power Supplies for LED Lights, has brought them the impressive win against 31 groups across Asia. With key benefits such as environmental friendly, cost and energy saving, DeLight Power is confident that its technology will bring disruptive change to the LED lighting market.

“After learning that we need an ‘actual’, ‘application-in-use’ demonstration to show the readiness of our technology to investors, the HKSTP team offered immediate assistance by allowing us to install our first lighting control system in the reception area of one of its buildings. They are always willing to go the extra miles for us. The incubation managers have also given us advice on how to communicate our disruptive technology in layman’s terms. The award has given us an opportunity to explore R&D possibilities with global lighting giants”, said Henry Yau, Founder of DeLight Power.

Healthy Ageing
4. Living Tissues — Improving quality of life with lab-grown cartilage

Nominated by HKSTP, Living Tissues was named one of Red Herring’s Top 100 Asian Startups, thus being recognised as one of the top technology companies around the world with promising prospects.

Living Tissues specialises in the technology of repairing cartilage damages caused by traumas and degeneration in osteoarthritis lesions. Using the patient’s own stem-cells, tissues of cartilage and bone can be grown and be implanted into the patient himself/ herself to replace damaged tissues.

“Thanks to HKSTP’s nomination, we have obtained the recognition we need for fund raising, which is very important for the further development of our company”, said Dr. Daniel Chik, Co-founder of Living Tissues Company Limited.

Living Tissues, a spin-off from the Tissue Engineering Laboratory at the University of Hong Kong, is an example of turning ideas and researches from university into applications. With close connection with universities and research institutes, the technical, business and marketing supporting services offered by HKSTP have created an ideal environment for biomedical start-ups to grow. Apart from benefiting from the world-class laboratory facilities in Science Park, Living Tissue also gains new perspectives on research and application by exchanging ideas with other biomedical experts from the networking events HKSTP holds.

5. Neomechanics – Facilitating re-industrialisation in Hong Kong with revolutionary sealing technology

Neomechanics was named winner of the Asian Association of Business Incubation (AABI) Award in Internationalization Category with the support from HKSTP. The company’s revolutionary sealing technology provides an effective solution to almost all forms of rotary machines that require leak prevention. The technology improves machine performance with close-to-zero leakage and can be applied into nearly any existing machine systems.

“HKSTP not only advises us on the type of competitions we should participate, its R&D facilities also offer us a safe and convenient place to test out ideas and prototypes without worrying about infringement. We hope to make use of the support from HKSTP to expand our promotion channels and raise capital for further development”, commented Stanley Ko, Managing Director of Neomechanics Limited.

HKSTP offers a wide range of value-added services to technology companies, helping them build a sustainable business. Among these services, identifying the appropriate awards for companies and supporting them all the way from nomination to preparation is one of the most important areas.

“Speaking from experience, if start-ups are able to obtain awards in key industry events, it is more likely for them to get funding from venture capitalists or angel investors”, added Mok. “We will continue with our efforts in nurturing talents for the industry, in order to help build a vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem that brings about social and economic benefits to our city.”

HKSTP_Peter Mok

“HKSTP offers a wide range of value-added services to technology companies. Among these services, identifying the appropriate awards for start-ups and supporting them all the way from nomination to preparation is one of the most important areas as these contests allow the companies to gain exposure and get connected with investors and partners for business opportunities,” said Peter Mok (Right), Head of Incubation Programmes of HKSTP.


Five award-winning start-ups incubated by HKSTP shared their winning strategies. Featured in the photo is Peter Mok (third from the right), Head of Incubation Programmes, HKSTP and the successful technopreneurs (from left to right):

- “The world-class laboratory facilities and extensive network in Science Park give us the opportunity to exchange ideas with other biomedical experts. We have obtained the recognition we need for fund raising, which is very important for the further development of our company”, said Dr. Daniel Chik (first from the left), Co-founder of Living Tissues Company Limited.

- “Be adventurous, take responsibility and have long-term vision are the keys to success”, said Stanley Ko (second from the left), Managing Director of Neomechanics Limited.

- “Having a great team with ‘customer first’ philosophy is the key to success. Team members should regard themselves as the ambassadors of the company and should think from customers’ perspectives to develop better products and services”, said Monique So (third from the left), Business Development Manager of Bindo.

- “Start-ups should have a long-term vision and target on global markets. It is essential to acquire market insights in order to open up business opportunities”, said Dr. Stephen Chan (fourth from the left), CEO of LinkedTech Solutions.

- “The HKSTP team has provided us with professional advice and strong support, empowering us to develop disruptive technology and showcase it to the world.”, said Henry Yau (seventh from the left), CEO of DeLight Power and Geoffrey Chan (sixth from the left), Consultant of DeLight Power.

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