HKSTP Teams Up with Chinese Tech Hubs

HKSTP Teams Up with Chinese Tech Hubs
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HKSTP signs partnership agreement with technopreneurship incubators and co-working space providers from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) today announced its partnership with four leading technopreneurship incubators and co-working space providers from Beijing, Tianjian, Shanghai and Shenzhen.  Under the agreement, HKSTP will collaborate with the four partners to promote youth entrepreneurship and innovation so as to broaden the horizons for technopreneurs from both sides of the border, and to assist enterprises to open up massive business opportunities.

The four technopreneurship incubators and co-working space providers are TITH Holdings from Beijing, Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine, Shanghai Technology Innovation Centre, and Shenzhen City Science and Technology Business Incubator Association.

Under the witness of government officials from both Hong Kong and Mainland China including Professor Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Minister of Science and TechnologyMr. Nicholas Yang, JP, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, and The Honourable Mrs. Fanny Law, GBS, JP Chairperson of HKSTP, the agreements were signed by Mr. Allen Ma, CEO of HKSTP and the representatives from the four partners.

Professor Wan Gang

As stated on the agreements, the signatories will collaborate to provide youth entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and Mainland China on cross-leverage of co-working space, together with comprehensive support such as entrepreneurship development; marketing and publicity; talent exchange programmes in higher education and research institutes; as well as entrepreneurship seminars and roadshows.

“Through our 3C strategy – Connect, Collaborate, Catalyse, HKSTP has been spurring the comprehensive growth of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology sector by nurturing science and technology talents, steering multi-lateral cooperation, facilitating commercialisation of R&D results for the benefits of our society and promoting the adoption of new technologies by various industries”, said The Honourable Mrs. Fanny Law, GBS, JP, Chairperson of HKSTP.  “We are glad to collaborate with our four partners to promote technopreneurship and innovation-based economic development.  We hope our youth entrepreneurs will make their best efforts to broaden their horizons, explore business opportunities and unleash their innovative potentials to drive economic growth and social development.”

The Honourable Fanny Law, GBS, JP

Given the close tie between innovation and technopreneurs in Hong Kong and Mainland China, providing better support to youth entrepreneurs will help Hong Kong and Mainland China create a new growth engine that drives continued, sustainable economic development.

Ms Qin Jun, Chairman and President of TITH, Beijing said: “Since the founding of our company, we have had our roots firmly planted in Beijing and our sights set on succeeding worldwide.  We have been actively supporting the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, and this collaboration with HKSTP will be beneficial for us as we utilise Hong Kong and Beijing’s cross-border advantages in resources, policy and talent to further our goals.  It is also a symbol of the North working together with the South to elevate China’s economy through innovation.”

Professor Sun Dahai of Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine said: “Tianjin is an important economic centre of northern China and is one of the fastest growing cities in China, and its biomedicine research industry has a well-established foundation.  Against the important regional developments including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the development of the Binhai New Area, the construction of Tianjin Innovation Zone, and the implementation of the ‘Belt and Road’ development strategy, we are pleased to partner with HKSTP to drive the development of innovation and entrepreneurship between Tianjin and Hong Kong.  By combining our strengths and competitive advantages, the potential is limitless for both sides.”

Mr. Zhu Zhenghong, Vice Director of Shanghai Technology Innovation Centre said: “Hong Kong is an international city where the East meets the West.  With an advantageous geographical location and as the world’s freest economy, Hong Kong not only enjoys free flow of information, a dependable legal system and an environment that is friendly to commercial activities, it also has many advantages over Shanghai such as readily available talent, technical expertise and funding.  We believe the signing of this partnership agreement with HKSTP will vastly enhance the talent and knowledge exchange between Shanghai and Hong Kong.  We will also actively leverage Hong Kong’s advantages as an international city to help Shanghai-based enterprises to enter the global market.”

Mr. Lu Yong, Executive President of Shenzhen City Science and Technology Business Incubator Association said: “Shenzhen regards innovation as one of the key development pillars. In recent years, more and more innovators have been making Shenzhen their home.  We now have a massive innovative force comprising thousands of innovators actively working on different projects across the city, allowing Shenzhen to be among one of the world’s modern innovation cities.  The partnership with HKSTP will allow innovators on both sides of the border to gain access to even more resources, which will surely open up an unprecedented wealth of exciting opportunities for these talent to pursue.”

Mr. Allen Ma said: “These partnerships facilitate the exchange of ideas and technology between the brightest of talents on both sides of the border and enable Hong Kong technology start-ups to tap into the huge Mainland market. This will catalyse the realisation of innovative ideas, drive economic success and create a brighter future for all.”

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