Hong Kong Startup MailTime raised US$850k seed fund

Hong Kong Startup MailTime raised US$850k seed fund
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Finally an app has come whose main sole purpose is to maximize efficiency when communicating via emails.

As iPhone users are well aware of, scrolling through your email in your Smartphone can be a bit of a complicated task, with long messages being left unread many times. MailTime are well aware  of this and with their app, once you have written over 5 sentences, it will send you a warning message reading “Too Long; Didn’t Read”. This encourages concise and to the point writing, making communication much more effective and responsive.

MailTime has already raised US$850,000 in seed funding from various groups of angel investors in both China and Silicon Vally. These include USD 250,000 from the Zhen Fund; USD 100,000 from Crystal Stream ; USD 100,000 from Gary Rieschel, Qiming Venture Partners; USD 50,000 from Huang Mingming, Angel Investor; USD 50,000 from China Rock Capital; HKD 100,000 from the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund and RMB 200,000 from the PolyU China Entrepreneurship Fund.

The creators of MailTime are Hong Kong entrepreneurs Heatherm Huang and Gary Lau who already have experience in the iOS app world, having created in the past TalkBox, an instant voice messaging app.

Take a look at MailTime’s video

Thinking of giving MailTime a go? Their app is currently out on beta for all iOS devices, sign up here


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