PCH & Highway1 Showcase the Second Graduate Class

PCH & Highway1 Showcase the Second Graduate Class
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PCH & Highway1 Showcase the Second Graduate Class of Hardware Startup Companies

Hong Kong – (June 20, 2014) – Following its acclaimed inaugural Demo Day in January 2014, PCH and Highway1 announced the second showcase of start-up graduate hardware companies. A division of PCH, the supply chain management company that creates, develops and delivers the world’s best products, Highway1 supports aspiring entrepreneurs and inventors with a curriculum dedicated to educating them about product development, engineering and how to deliver the highest quality hardware products.

The twelve Highway1 startups have been through a four-month course designed to take them from prototype to manufacture-ready products. They will introduce their companies and present their products to an audience of investors, influencers and design professionals at PCH’s San Francisco offices. For every company that has come through Highway1, PCH has provided access to its significant expertise in product development and supply chain management, including a two-week immersion in China where the companies learned first hand the nuances of hardware manufacturing and global distribution. Further, this class also received an initial monetary investment of US$20K, access to PR and marketing support, and a mentor network of experienced industry leaders. Alums Drop, Cue, and Velo Labs from the first Highway1 class, also demonstrated their products.

“Our goal at Highway1 is to prepare these companies to accept investor or consumer funds with integrity. The course work and practical guidance has enabled them to know how to deliver their products on time and on budget, as spec’d.  This knowledge gives these companies confidence, and de-risks the investment for investors because the product manufacturing requirements are known,” said Brady Forrest, VP of Highway1.

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The Highway1 incubator programme further illustrates PCH’s dedication to encouraging greater innovation in hardware. By eliminating much of the risk often associated with developing hardware products, PCH gives smaller companies the opportunity to create freely and develop a fully designed-considered and engineered product in a short four-month span.

Liam Casey, founder and CEO of PCH, explains, “These startups were all chosen because they have A-level teams, a great product concept, and strong product design at their core. Traditionally, the biggest barrier for hardware startups is funding. Not long ago it would have taken millions of dollars just to create the prototypes that you see here today.” Liam continued, “Our programme gets our startups investment ready – they leave Highway1 with a mentor network, a working prototype, knowledge of their actual cost of goods, and an understanding of what it takes to manufacture and distribute their products to global markets.”

Highway 1 showcase 2 welcome remarks by Casey

The companies presenting at Demo Day include:


CONSTRUKTS is a new, connected game platform that supports learning and brain health for kids and adults alike comprised of physical blocks and a corresponding software programme.



Keyboardio makes beautiful, comfortable, programmable keyboards.



LUMO Play is a LED projector aimed at bringing the magic of interactive gaming to children.



Modbot provides industrial quality robotic building blocks for the consumer market, putting the power and precision of high-end machinery in an easy to assemble, simple to understand package.


Palate Home

Palate Home makes innovative cooking appliances for home chefs, enhancing their ability to prepare great food.



Podo is a portable and fun camera that, using Bluetooth technology, connects with users smartphones to display a live feed of the camera’s view, allowing photos and videos to be taken hands-free.


Podo PCH & Highway1


Sensilk makes smart clothing that combines sensor technology and natural silk fibers, to create the next generation of activewear with the ability to sense, give feedback, and ultimately motivate the user while still being comfortable, soft, and strong.


Shortcut Labs

Shortcut Labs is creating a physical button that creates a shortcut to practically any function in the digital world imaginable and can be stuck anywhere.



sigSense is bringing innovation to the mobile test instrument market by offering a single, ergonomic base unit that has multiple interchangeable sensors for various functions, including a thermal imaging camera and a carbon monoxide meter.



Sugarcube is a pocket-sized media player that can share content from any portable device to your TV.



Switch Embassy is focused on bringing fashion to interactive technology, creating illuminated products such as the Ballantine OS T-shirt and the Geometric Darling handbag.


Wink Labs

Wink Labs is a company dedicated to making great products, including personal digital displays, centered on providing digital solutions to meet family needs.


Also presenting are the following three companies that were in the first Highway1 class but were still in stealth mode at the first Demo Day:

Velo Labs Skylock

Skylock connects with your mobile device to provide a more safe, secure, and accessible biking experience.



Cue is a revolutionary device for tracking health information at the molecular level, allowing users to track key health and lifestyle indicators beyond simple step tracking and calories.




Drop is introducing a beautiful recipe platform complete with a connected cooking scale, bringing design and technology into the kitchen in a new way.



About Highway1

The Highway1 curriculum is focused on product development and design, manufacturing, supply chain, inventory and pitching. It equips startups with the knowledge and know-how to de-risk and become a hardware company that investors want to invest in. Participants learn how to turn their prototype into a product that is ready to manufacture and achieve scale.

Highway1‘s programme includes:

- A four month educational curriculum taught in San Francisco

- A two week module taught in Shenzhen, China with an exploration of the vast consumer electronics supply chain in the Pearl River Delta

- US$50,000 in seed capital in return for equity (for the new class starting in the Fall; previously the amount was US$20K)

- Access to office and product prototyping labs

- One-on-one engineering, design and logistics expertise

- Access to a mentor network, with expert, high-profile technology leaders

About PCH

PCH creates, develops, and delivers the world’s best products for the world’s best brands. PCH offers transparent, sustainable product development and supply chain management services to a diverse range of customers, from Fortune 500s, to entrepreneurs and startups. PCH was founded in 1996, and is headquartered in Cork, Ireland. The Company’s product innovation hub, Lime Lab, and its hardware startup incubator, Highway1, as well as PCH Access, are all based in San Francisco, California. PCH Access provides robust supply chain services to startups around the globe. In January 2014, PCH acquired ShopLocket, an ecommerce platform for entrepreneurs. PCH also has significant manufacturing, packing and fulfillment operations in China, and retail distribution channels through its subsidiary TNS Distribution based in Dublin, Ireland. Pchintl.com

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