Singapore Carpooling App RYDE Coming to HK

Singapore Carpooling App RYDE Coming to HK
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RYDE will be launching in Hong Kong on 21st June 2016.

Commuting is something every working individual in Hong Kong does at least twice a day, five times a week. It has become an integral part of life and a relatively mundane chore. People spend the bulk of their commute time being preoccupied with their smartphones. Terence Zou, the CEO of RYDE, believes it is time to rejuvenate the sense of community in our urban society.

In Singapore, where RYDE was launched in early 2015, it is already evident that RYDE users are enjoying the social aspect of the app. Below are a few testimonies from RYDE users:

Bel Teo, who is a RYDE rider, said, “Love RYDE this carpool app! It saves a lot of money as compared to the days I took cab, and not to mention to meet and befriend new people. The drivers I’ve encountered are nice, friendly and punctual. I’ll continue to use this app, great work to the RYDE team!”

Angie Kong, who also uses RYDE as rider, recalls, “People actually believe in the positive effects that are brought about by RYDE. I was in awe when several I met, spoke about how they wholeheartedly want to back the startup. Along the way, our nation became a smaller, warmer place. This movement builds our society by adding to our graciousness and bringing out a communal side of us that we’ve lost when the spirit of giving was diminished along with our lost kampungs; when high-rise buildings meant to house us in; walled us up from one another. In other cultures, people may not bat an eye or raise a brow striking conversations with strangers anywhere and getting on the hitchhiking wagon. Now in our culture, we have RYDE to thank for kickstarting this heartwarming movement worth applauding.”

Kelvin Ke, a RYDE driver, claims, “I support a carpooling startup like RYDE because of its commitment to transform and revolutionize the way we move around, in a sustainable way. Since RYDE’s inception, carpooling in Singapore has been taken to a whole new level, with the help of a user-friendly and easy to use mobile app. RYDE has not only raised the awareness of the benefits of carpooling, it has also changed perspectives of many. I hope RYDE succeeds in a big way, not only in Singapore, but also in Asia!”

The Environment Bureau in Hong Kong has predicted that the city’s private car fleet could reach almost 540,000 by 2017. By utilizing this high number of private cars, RYDE can revolutionize the way Hong Kong public commutes.

As a passenger, instead of watching empty private cars drive past while you wait for the next bus to arrive, you can use the RYDE app in the comfort of your home or office to check if any RYDE drivers are near you. You can then hitch a ride if they are heading towards the same direction, meeting a new friend at the same time! As a private car owner, you have the choice of giving someone a ride and killing the commute time by networking with RYDE riders.

In Singapore, RYDE has conducted the first comprehensive survey on carpooling where 1000 people were asked what their primary motivations and concerns were when carpooling. A significant proportion cited meeting new people as the primary reason. In a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, multitasking is key to success and RYDE provides a way for people to expand their network while commuting.

Visit and register for RYDE’s Hong Kong beta release today.

About RYDE

RYDE is Singapore’s first and leading carpooling mobile application. RYDE is a social enterprise that aims to solve the congestion and pollution issues facing cities today. RYDE provides a sustainable alternative for the daily commute.

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