Startup Arena heads back to Jakarta, along with $10,000 cash prize

Startup Arena heads back to Jakarta, along with $10,000 cash prize
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Are you a startup in Asia that is looking to become the next big thing? If the answer to that question is yes, then you might want to consider kickstarting your debut on the world stage by pitching live in our Startup Arena competition at Startup Asia Jakarta this November.

Startup Arena – a popular fixture at all out Startup Asia events – is where we will handpick only the best seed-stage startups in Asia to compete for US$10,000. Chosen finalists will present their company on stage in front of judges and the audience and will have to deal with the tough questions posed on the spot.

Regardless of whether you win or not, all the chosen startups come to Startup Asia Jakarta, get great exposure in front of investors and potential new users – and think of all the networking opportunities. The goal behind Startup Arena, after all, is to provide startups a stage to showcase their company in front of potential investors and partners.

This will be the third time we’re doing the Startup Arena pitching contest this year, and we’d like to say that we have great alumni to showcase from the competition. Bindo, which won our Startup Arena in Singapore earlier this year, managed to raise US$1.8 million in seed funding soon after the event. Garuda Robotics, the winner of last year’s Startup Arena in Jakarta, is distrupting the industry with its drones-as-a-service offerings.

A number of other Arena alumni have gone on to raise funding, like 8villages, Vibease, Teamie, Payroll Hero, GushCloud, Flocations, Phroni, and Innova Technology. Here’s what Benedict Wong, the VP of business development at Bindo, has to say about Startup Arena:

“Startups should definitely join Startup Arena if they are just starting out and serious about what they are doing. It’s a great way to build connections with investors, media outlets, and other startups. These relationships are extremely valuable as your startup continues to grow. Even if you don’t win, it’s great to get feedback from a world-class panel who has a tremendous amount of experience. As a participant of Startup Arena Singapore, I would highly recommend this competition to anyone serious about running his or her startup.”

Registration is open until Saturday, November 1, 2014. Seize the chance, embrace the opportunity! Startups can do that here.

Startup Asia Jakarta is on November 26 and 27. Early bird tickets are now available. Get yours with a 30 percent discount using the code earliestbird30 here.

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