Startups Help Establish Bi-Lateral Ties Between Nations

Startups Help Establish Bi-Lateral Ties Between Nations
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This year, a new category ‘Best Singapore and French Partnership’ has been added to the Awards. It will take place on June 18. Last date to send application is June 1

Gone are the days when startups were seen as the outliers of the business community. Today they play a very crucial role in a country’s economic development. In fact, now startups are establishing bi-lateral ties between nations. The French Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Awards 2014 are an example of this.

This year, in addition to the usual categories of ‘Most Innovative Telecom Solutions’, ‘Most Innovative Broadcast Solution’, ‘Greatest Potential in Asia’ and ‘Most Innovative Consumer Solutions’, there is a new category for ‘Best Singapore and French Partnership’. e27 talks to the organisers at theUbifrance, the French Trade Commission of Singapore, to find out more about the new award category.

The ‘Best Singapore and French Partnership’ recognises the quality of technology or business partnership between Singaporean and French companies. This cooperation could take place in Singapore, France or a third market in Asia. It is given to companies to thank them in their effort in forging cooperation.

The winners in any of the five categories gain visibility and also brand equity in Singapore through the Ubifrance network as well as the members of their jury, which includes industry leaders such as Google AsiaStarhubSingtel and IDAInternational.

Companies that attend the Awards will get an opportunity to connect with talent from various companies and share new ideas. It will be a platform to meet potential partners and for ties. It will also serve a chance to meet venture capitalists.

According to Thomas Vial of Ubifrance Singapore, the reason for the special award is that the embassy would like to highlight the cooperation between companies and let French players know that Singaporean companies are interested in developing a business or collaborating on technology partnerships in France. In the long-term, this would help the embassy to know the various businesses and help them if it has the opportunity to do so. Also, when a large French firm comes to Singapore, it will have companies to recommend.

Startups are generally open-minded; they have a global vision and are open to integrate ideas from other industries. This helps develop stronger bi-lateral relationships, said an official release.

The embassy added that when startups launch their service or product, clients could be everywhere, which is why founders should be aware about who the potential partners are in Europe, in the United States or in Asia to embrace the best business opportunities. The collaboration might be as simple as translating in a foreign language to adapting a business model.

Singapore and France have many innovation programmes. Currently, there are 200 French entrepreneurs (in all industries) who have decided to create their company in Singapore. The embassy hopes that more Singaporean entrepreneurs would go to France to create their startups.

Companies are requested to submit a one-page description of their solution in English for the five award categories. The application deadline is June 1, 2014. The Awards will take place on June 18, 2014.

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